Monday, April 21, 2008


Going through old photos, I came across this window display I liked in Paris years ago. I couldn't say why I love it, but it does contain a whimsical fabric "sculpture" made from a tailors sleeve ironing board as well as a Cocteau sketch on one of the book covers.

It's been a long time since I've travelled and now that I'm almost 60, I'd want to travel at least second class. Where would I go?

To be honest, Paris and London are way too big for me to enjoy, except the British Museum in London--worth the trip anyday. The south of France is much nicer, the people down to earth instead of snooty and cosmopolitan.

I'd love to see Patagonia, and the outer Hebrides (breath that clean air again, like honey). Travel around Ireland and Scotland more. Canada is more realistic, I suppose.

All dreams: no money for such luxuries right now.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


I've spent days and weeks searching for a method of transferring my images to fabric.

Sounds simple, right?

The most frustrating experience was doing a silkscreen test print on paper which came out looking PERFECT! Then went to tee shirt fabric and the silkscreen came out too light. What's a woman to do?

Iron-on transfers are icky and too chemical. Stencils are good--I did a stencil of birds and stars on my granddaughter's teeshirt with nontoxic glow-in-the-dark pink paint which was fun. But not professional looking enough. I want stunning stuff.

Research, research, research. Found more info on solvent transfers (too toxic), acrylic medium (possible but probably stiff) and my new great hope, Bubble Jet Set. Tested it on muslin and it worked great with a little fading. Great with ancient stone rubbing images:

Tried linen, and tricky, too heavy, got stuck in printer. I will prevail.

Meanwhile, the weather is stunning, Los Bebes are growing like weeds and need Spring clothes. Read a clever mystery novel called Three Bags Full.