Monday, May 26, 2008


Fay Weldon's first novel was titled "The Fat Woman's Joke". It's about a woman whose husband insist they go on a diet together. Eventually, out of frustration, the wife leaves him and moves into a basement apartment where she cooks and eats and eats and eats. I think of my current state as The Fat Lady's Revenge. Upon whom? Myself? The world? Most of my family members have packed on weight as they got older (no excuse).

I am now (at age 58) heavier than I've ever been, including when I was pregnant. When I was in my teens in high school, I remember reaching 120 lbs and feeling horrified that I'd let myself go. That was before we had terms like anorexic or Women's Lib.

I am tired. After five sweet months off my job on Workers' Comp, I've been back at work for a month and am again working like a serf in Old Russia. When I get home all I want to do is eat and sleep. No excuse, I know. Years ago when I was running several miles a day, I could eat anything I wanted and stay a size 8. No more. Old joints rule out running. (No excuse.) I could set up my bicycle with a stationary bike stand but haven't gotten around to it. (No excuse.) And on and on.

Funnily enough, a lady I know was heavy and had stomach bypass surgery. She's lost over 100 lbs, I'm sure. To me, she doesn't look right. She is big boned and very pleased to be wearing a size 8 (at about 5 foot 8 inches). But to me, it still isn't healthy. Not that being overweight is healthy. But doing it that way, I don't know...

On a lighter note:
Last month, I stopped by Stonemountain & Daughter in Berkeley to get a little sewing gizmo. I also looked at the cotton knit fabrics which cost between $8.50 and $14/yard. I wanted something green and Springy for Mayday/Beltane. Decided against it.

Made the schlepp to SCRAP in San Francisco the next Saturday and bought two different colors of green cotton stretch material for about $1.50. The $1.50 included about 3 yards of a cream cotton knit fabric as well. All I need is the time to cut it out and stitch it up.

I nearly had last weekend off when my daughter-in-law planned a trip out of town for her and kids. But it cancelled at the last minute and I had the kids overnight on Saturday/Sunday. As my granddaughter put it "It's a tradition!" And I do love them sitting on each side of me while we read books together, leaning on me like I'm a strong oak tree. I love how they trust me and hug and kiss me in the pure way children do. We watched a movie about Echo the Elephant and her African family with me skipping the death and mating parts (ever see a bull elephant's erection? God Lord! I don't want to scar the kids for life.) But it wore me out.

Projects on my list:

-Dye some linen fabric and kids' tees with procion dyes in robin's egg blue and
other summer shades.

-Make some clear stamps from beeswax and polymer.

-Exercise for a change--before the days get short again.