Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The original of this poster used the "F" word, so I substituted the "L" word instead. I posted it on my high school website as a bit of fun, but one ex-classmate complained, so I decided to move it to a more personal space.

I guess the New Yorker Obama cover cartoon spurred me on to post it originally--what a bad choice by the New Yorker editor. It will probably backfire on the conservatives.

Went to see "The Dark Knight" and had to wait in line, even with tickets. It was good, Heath Ledger was amazing, but the writing, especially at the end, was a bit confusing. Later rented "In Bruges" what was much more substantial and moving. Three great actors with a terrific script and lots of moral questions against a backdrop of centuries. Really an amazing film if you don't mind the British and Irish propensity to use the "F" word in between every other word. Ralph Fiennes just gets better and better.

Friday, July 04, 2008


After two months of working at my civil service job again, what I notice most is how stinky currency is. It is DIRTY, full of sweat, human cells and all kinds of yuck. As a coworker said to me about her future at this job: "I think I can sit in shit for a few more years." What we do for pensions....

I'd hoped to sleep in late this morning for the holiday, but my next-door neighbor began some sort of major excavation in his yard which sounded like a buzzsaw was working its way through my southwest wall. So up I got at 8 am. I've been melting old beeswax candles for a project and house smells good. Also working on some graphics for my soon-to-be up and running online business. It took a couple of months for the city to clear my studio address for a business address. So now I've got to get serious.