Thursday, December 31, 2009


Nearly a year since my last entry. Hello? Anybody there?

To my distant friends and family, I'd like to suggest that email and blogs work both ways--not just my little blog/emails--others could share their own if they are hovering around. (Just a hint...)

With that out of the way, I've had a ten days off at the end of this last hectic year and have loved every single second of it (the ten days, not the year which was survivable, just). I had too many tasks planned for this break and have tried to enjoy each moment after no vacations since last year.

Good things in 2009--I finally got my roof replaced ($9,000) by cashing in an IRA. Had to get a new water main that broke in several places ($7,500). Got an old root canal redone (insurance paid for it, thank Gods) and other health maintenance requirements.

Felt the joy of Obama in the White House and the frustration of Republican "mischief" in the Congress, preventing us from getting universal health care. Something is better than nothing, but really--how disappointing.

The grandbabies are doing well and now live in a neighborhood with hundreds, if not thousands, of trees. They still come to see me on the weekends.

Next year, I'm committed to buying no new clothes since I've got more than I need; to get the big bills paid off and the credit cards as low as possible. Goodbye shopping. I'll try to use the time blogging or in some other heady pleasure.

Guilty pleasures? Saw "Sherlock Holmes" with Downey Jr. and loved it. Although Jeremy Brett will always BE Holmes to me, Richie's version is fun, crazy and a pastiche. So inaccurate and tongue-in-cheek, it's funny (and I love the music). Went to LUSH and got three soaps for the price of one and a luscious moisturizer. Reread my favorite Terry Pratchett books and mourn his illness because we'll have few new creations of his in future. Rock on, Terry.

Almost New Year now...Happy to All.