Thursday, March 30, 2006


My dear daughter-in-law has requested that I remove any photos and names of the grandkids. She is concerned with child predators and rightfully so. So I will be posting other goodies on here, mostly all about my Craft Dimension which balances out my (eeyew!) Work/Job Dimension and the foibles of modern life. For friends/relatives, I'll be sending photos of the babies in emails.


Wednesday, March 29, 2006


This is pretty much how I feel today. More rain (of course) and worry about my roof and the usual complete disorganization and lack of concern about anything from our supervisors.

The job that pays for my roof and the food I put in my mouth. So shaddup.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Making it up as I went along, I knitted another little hat for my grandson using Snuggly baby yarn.


Using No. 4 dp needles, I cast on 60 stitches (marking the join) and knit 2, purl 2 in rounds for about an inch. Then I used the same size needles and increased 4 stitches in the first round by knitting in the front and back of each 15th stitch. I repeated, increasing 4 stitches in the next round by knitting in the front and back of each 16th stitch. There was now a total of 68 stitches on my needles.

Then simple stockinette stitch in rounds for approx. 3.5 inches. I put markers every 17 stitches to mark the round in fourths. I knit two together before each marker to make the swirled top and when down to about 12 stitches, cut a tail and pulled through a double thickness of yarn to gather and tie off the top. After washing and drying, I presented to my grandson.


Again, I made this up as I went along. I washed and dried some really cool upholstery fabric, made a tube which I turned inside out, sewed shut one end and then, with the side seam turned inside, sewed shut the other end. Adding some matching polyester strap and clips from the sewing shop, I made a handbag with astrap long enough to hang across my body, from left shoulder to right hip. The bag is self-lined and washable.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


My three weeks of Family Medical Leave is nearly over.

I had so many plans for this time. But it was taken up with the necessities of each day--errands, helping the post-op DDIL (dear daughter-in-law) and helping my granddaughter adjust to no longer living as the princess of the castle. She must now share with her baby brother, whom she adores. There are lots of emotions to sort out (for everyone) and lots of new work to be done. I recently heard the expression, "Twice the kids, triple the work."

As for knitting, I've made several tiny hats (K2,P2 beanies) for the newborn because it is still so damned cold. And I have wished I had more woolen socks. Nylon just doesn't keep your feet warm in the cold. So I guess it's time to get down to sock knitting for this Spring and next winter.

At least I've had a taste of what retirement will be like. If retirement ever really comes.

The best part about the last three weeks has been having a clear mind, not a mind crowded up with work tasks, schedules, voices, and that most time-consuming of all, office politics. What a waste of energy and time.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Can you believe it? Approximately every 25 years, there is a light snow in San Francisco. And this was the year. In my Oakland neighborhood, all I got was a heavy hail, but on the local news, snow was the major story (a nice change).

And I also finished the Big Blue Blankie (made from Baby Soft acrylic yarn):

For Lazy Moms and Grandmas, you can always buzz down to the local fabric shop and get a yard or two of cute fleece for a blankie. If you're feeling enthusiastic, you can edge it with rickrack or crochet, or just use as is:

Now I can start on something else. Finally.

Monday, March 06, 2006


Nearly nine pounds, my grandson was delivered this morning, a week before his due date.

All went and is going well.

Big Sister Adalia went through some changes for a few hours, but soon warmed to her new baby brother. She spent the day in bed with Mommy:

Daddy calmed down a little also:

And here are the two proud grandmothers, Abuela Charo on the left, and yours truly (known as Gaga) on the right:

I'm still working on the knitted Blue Blankie.


that my son, the expectant father, was a little nervous last night:

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Soooo busy and then 2-3 weeks off for Family Medical Leave. The past week has been heaven. I spent one whole day sitting on my couch, listening to a book on tape, knitting. Otherwise, I ran errands, helped my son and daughter-in-law prepare for the new baby, and took my granddaughter every other night. Each time I brought her home the next morning, she would search for her baby brother in her mommy's bed and then see her mommy's stomach was still huge. I don't think she believes this is ever really going to happen.

But, tomorrow is Baby Evan's birthday (after a couple of false alarms earlier this week). I've nearly finished the Big Blue Blankie, but not quite yet.

I'll be spending a lot of time at the hospital tomorrow before, during, and after the Caesarian. The obstetrician stated that with a baby as big as this one, my petite daughter-in-law Charito and baby would have a 20% chance of survival with a natural childbirth.

We have to remember that the Good Old Days often saw childbirth deaths of both mother and baby. I'm all for natural childbirth, but there are times when I'd rather err on the side of caution. My own son's birth should have been Caesarian, and after a forceps delivery, my bladder was ruptured and required major surgery the following day.

I bought 1,000 stickers for my granddaughter, who has been an emotional Jekyll and Hyde this week. She always relaxes and zones out while peeling off stickers one by one and carefully placing them in groups on paper. We each have our different therapies and can bring them to the hospital with us.

Last Thursday, I met with two friends for lunch at Garibaldi's on College.

These are ladies I worked with back when Reagan was Governor of California. They both stuck with Civil Service careers and are both now retired. I am so jealous (especially after last week off), I can hardly stand it.

We all lost touch and then one morning, Sandra (the lady on the right) walked into my office for a meeting. We hadn't been in contact for about 30 years. Now she, Mary (the lady on the left) and I try to get together for luncheons.

One of the owners of Garibaldi's, Ann, is another friend:

All of these ladies are wonderful people with their own stories and I feel very lucky to know them as friends.

Today, Sunday, is freezing cold and so windy, what tiles remain on my roof are blowing off, I'm sure. Reminds me of the cold in Skye:

but without the clean, sweet air.