Thursday, February 16, 2006


Georgie W. wants us to excel in science so we can compete with other "backward" nations. At the same time his Fundamentalist Right Base wants to unteach the theory of evolution and stop stem cell research. What's a country to do? Thank God you cannot "unteach" an idea.

Watched "Crash" over the weekend. The racism made me sick, but basically I think it is an anti-gun film. I also kept thinking: "If L.A. is this bad, why do people live there?"

Last night listened to the end of Pratchett's "Monstrous Regiment of Women" on audio tape. I was slow getting into it but enjoyed it immensely by the end. Best part: "You don't know that you've gone too far until you've gone too far." Another best part: "People cannot afford to be stupid."

I love listening to Books On Tape while I'm sewing, knitting, cooking, ironing, etc... But it all depends on the narrator...

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