Monday, August 14, 2006


Sunday was spent with an 11-year old buddy doing various Sunday things, and later watching this film which I love and have in my DVD library. About 1/3 way through it, he was hooked and kept asking me what would happen. I only assured him it had a happy ending. Over and over again, he tried to prod me about the ending. Then, right before the finale, he started acting up and rough-housing. This again made me think how boys are not very well primed to show or experience emotions, except physically. Or is it testosterone that makes them physically respond to emotional situations? Probably both.

My young buddy is an inch taller than I (at 5'3") am already and I imagine myself giving him a hug when he is a foot taller in about ten years.

At any rate, if you feel like taking a trip to Ireland about 50 years ago, I recommend this film for the half-fairy tale script, and for the music. It's dead magic.

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