Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I love to just hang out in my little Oakland house, pottering around. And often that means watching films (or as the Irish say "fillums"), usually borrowed from the library.

During the last three-day weekend I watched The Magdalene Sisters (not for the faint of heart or stomach, or for lovers of the Catholic Church), and a piece of fluff called Love in a Cold Climate (crap).

The most interesting by far was Mirrormask, a teenage fantasy film that introduced me to the art work of Dave McKean. Years ago I saw some of his work while I was visiting Edinburgh; it's work you are not likely to forget. Beautiful but incredibly creepy at the same time.

The screenwriter stated that after a Sony executive saw the film for the first time, he said, "That was like watching Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast, on acid, for kids."

After watching this film, I had some very interesting dreams.

If it were not for the Internet, I think I'd be absolutely crazy by now, doing the work I do, talking to people all day long. The movies give me another life, many other lives.

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