Monday, October 23, 2006


Here I am, wrinkles, broken nose, grey hair and all with my grandbaby booboo who is seven months old. We had fun playing last weekend and I caught a fleeting glimpse of what he'll look like as an adult. Once he grows hair, that will change his looks considerably. He is very sweet natured and loves, I mean LOVES women. He always seems to have a hand laying gently on your breast.

He and his big sister took a nap after lunch.

Right now these kids (and my hobbies) keep me sane. On my job for the City of Berkeley, I've been called a Nazi, a white bitch, a rapist and murderer. Last week, a Berkeley resident called me a cunt. Whoever thinks Berkeley citizens or visitors are laid-back and "nice" have it all wrong. Our callers really have entitlement issues.

But great news! I have an interview for a job at a library this week! One of the best inventions ever conceived is The Library. I spend two or three lunch hours per week there as it is, checking out books, films, books on tape. God, I am hoping to finally land a meaningful job. I think it would make my life so much better.

AND at lunchtime today in Berkeley, one of my heroes--Al Gore--made a speech in the civic center park. Of course street crews were steam cleaning the urine off the homeless shelter steps across the street in the early morning, and every police officer in Berkeley was out in full SWAT gear. I listened to him for about 20 minutes (he showed up 45 minutes late) and then went back to my office. It was too hot and I keep up with his campaign as is. The crowd kept shouting, "Run, Al, run!"

To wind up the week, the Piedmont Avenue Halloween parade in Oakland, CA will be held this Saturday. The main street is closed off and hundreds of kids come to parade in costume and trick or treat at all the local shops. I have my witch hat, scary hands and Halloween sweater ready. My granddaughter Munei will be Tinkerbell and Nima will be a Tootsie Roll.

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