Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Oddly, when I showed up at work in my thrift store costume of witch's hat, halloween sweater and long weird fingers (total cost $12), my Christian co-workers kind of creeped out. When I once mentioned to them that I'm not a Christian but more or less a pagan, these Baptists gave me the same look. We had a luncheon and the Born-Agains stated they don't celebrate Halloween because it's the "Devil's Day". Oh dear. We really are in a divided nation. I notice they love decorating Christmas trees and giving kids Easter baskets but they don't realize that is pagan also.

Sadly, I did not get the Library job. Boohoo. But I have other interviews set up to get away from the place I now work. Love the people, hate the job.

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Jane Underwood said...

Hi Sue,

I just caught up with a bunch of your recent posts. You and your grandbabies look wonderful, with or without wrinkles. Wishing you well on the job hunt and all the other sanity-savers you mentioned.